Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit

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Leupold’s Alpine Carbon Fiber Tripod takes lightweight performance to the next level. If you’re constantly counting ounces because you’re packing in for miles, look no further. Its compact design weighs in at a mere 32 ounces, while its rugged carbon fiber and metal construction stand up to the harshest conditions.






The Arca-Swiss mounting system is the industry standard for observation and camera gear. Its base plate and clamp can stabilize your glass in just three easy steps. Attach the plate to your optic, slide it into the clamp, then lock them together by tightening the knob. Whatever equipment you have, there’s an Arca-Swiss compatible accessory that can mount it to a Leupold tripod.



Leupold Guaranteed For Life

Guaranteed For Life

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Buil for a lifetime of performance - if at any time your tripod doesn't perform, we will repair or replace it for free - whether you're the original owner or not.

Leupold Machined For Precision

Machined For Precision

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Tight tolerances and superior materials make Leupold tripods smooth to operate both in the field and at the range.

Leupold Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

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Made from durable carbon fiber and all-aluminum components, Leupold tripods are resistant to high winds and harsh weather even when their legs are fully extended.


  • ARCA-SWISS MOUNTING PLATE This popular design is commonly used with many observation and optics accessories, providing maximum cross-platform versatility.
  • ALUMINUM BALL HEAD ACTION The ball head is designed to be lightweight and rugged for smooth, precise movements in the field.
  • CARBON FIBER CONSTRUCTION The plastic-free design is built for durability. The legs are made from rugged, lightweight carbon fiber, while the components are aluminum for maximum extreme-weather performance.
  • 3-ANGLE PIVOT LOCKS Locking mechanisms at the top of each leg provide more flexibility in the field. The three different locking positions allow the legs to extend wider and lower to accommodate numerous heights and angles.
  • TWIST AND LOCK LEGS Tactile locking grips on each leg section are easy to twist and lock in the field for quick height adjustments on the fly.
  • HEIGHT EXTENSION POST An attachable post can be added to get the most height out of your tripod.
  • COUNTERWEIGHT HOOK An integrated counterweight hook allows you to add weight for extra stability while shooting or glassing in adverse conditions.
  • RUBBER FEET High-grip rubber feet keep the tripod stable in wet conditions or on slick surfaces.
  • Height 13-147cm
  • Leg Diameter 13-22mm
  • Load Capacity 6kg


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